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Building Up a Mobile Games Publishing Company From Scratch
almost 2 years ago

With an established mobile games publishing company by your side, your future success is practically guaranteed. You can choose from an array of mobile operating systems. Not all publishing companies create games for all mobile platforms, but many do. This gives you the opportunity to select the most popular ones such as gamemine and earn the most profitable revenue out of it. Plus, with your own mobile games company you can tailor its features according to specific needs of your customers.


If you want to launch your new mobile games publishing company, the first step you need to take is to seek funding. In order to fund your development costs, you need to have a steady flow of cash, or rather regular funding which can cover both development costs and advertising expenses. For us, this meant securing a funding round of about 25% of the total project cost. We got investors who believed in our vision of creating a social networking game that combines the benefits of real-world communities with the interactivity of virtual worlds, and who believed in us enough to provide substantial funding.


This is not the end of the funding story though; we also sought other means of getting investors interested in backing our business. We applied to several well-known companies like Playdom, Playfish, Sega and Vivendi. Many of these companies like to develop their own games first before trying out a bigger venture. This is how they come up with big budget titles that require a lot of investments. View here for more about game publishing.


The result was interesting. Several companies like Vivendi and Sega backed us. And we had several people on a wait and watch to see if these companies would start developing our game and pitching us money. A few weeks later, we got an amazing news - Vivendi bought Playdom, and Playdom closed its mobile games publishing company.


All this is great news for everybody involved. But as exciting as it is to finally have cash flow again after a long period of time working on a project, we still need to make sure that we continue to grow our business and build on our reputation before we can really say that we are a leader in the industry. There are still a lot of people making games on mobile devices who don't have the experience or resources to build the kind of community that we have built up. We have to keep pushing ourselves to bring new and interesting games to the market so that people will find us again.


In conclusion, we are very happy that a very successful entrepreneur had the foresight to start up an independent game studio from scratch and pursue it as a career. Our experience with the mobile game development process has taught us that it is always easier to start up an indie publishing company from scratch than to try to build a big name and get it off the ground. However, this does not mean that we cannot be just as profitable as the bigger companies. You just have to work harder and be smarter. This link has mroe about the topic: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/gamer.

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